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African Australian Inclusion Program

The African Australian Inclusion Program (formerly Workplace Development Program) is a professional training program for qualified African-Australians, providing six months paid workplace experience at NAB. Ninety three people have been placed in NAB since the program was piloted in 2009, and the program continues to grow in strength. In May 2013, in the ninth round, 16 participants across Melbourne and Perth took roles in Finance, Technology and Business Administration. As at March 2014 there are 9 particpants in the current program. Another 109 participants have graduated with an 86% average retention rate.

In May 2012 Australian Human Resources Institutes (AHRI) Diversity Awards NAB won the Cross Cultural Management Award for the African-Australian Inclusion Program (AAIP), which is designed to help break the cycle of under-employment in the skilled African-Australian community. The AHRI judging panel recognised NAB for our 'outstanding initiative, reflecting a well thought through, high quality program'.

The African Australian Inclusion Program is a joint initiative of Jesuit Social Services and NAB. The need for the program was identified by the African-Australian community who noted that lack of local experience in the Australian business sector was a significant barrier to employment for qualified African-Australians. The joint response of the collaborating organisations has been well documented and praised by many areas of the broader community.

The program aims to provide commercial experience and learning opportunities for participants, including enhancing their business networks. All participants are provided with a NAB workplace coach and mentor throughout their placement. Participants are also provided with comprehensive job search support including interview techniques and resume writing during the later part of their work placement.

When the barrier to employment is broken down, working African-Australians have the opportunity to become role models for younger African-Australians, who in turn are then motivated to stay in school and become qualified themselves.

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