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Link Out Transitional Services

Brosnan Services' Transitional Support Services (Link Out, Konnect and WISP) are delivered to men and women exiting prison and moving into the community. In 2010 Jesuit Social Services were awarded State-wide delivery of support services to Aboriginal men and women, women exiting Tarrengower and Dame Phyllis Frost Centre and men exiting Dhurringile and Beechworth prisons. Jesuit Social Services are now the only State-wide provider of support services to men and women exiting prisons.

We work from a service model that is based on the principles of inclusion, (re)connection, education and skill development and cultural competence. Our model draws heavily on a growing body of research in several areas including:

• the importance of relationships and connection to family and community

• an understanding of the social model of health and wellbeing, which recognises the strong link between an individual's health and that of their social, emotional, spiritual, physical/built, economic and natural environment

• a focus on targeted and timely interventions that draw on participant strengths, providing a pathway to meaningful and positive social and economic participation, enabling individuals to reach their full potential.

We deliver services which build resilience in and positive outcomes for participants, link clients to appropriate educational, training and employment opportunities, strengthen our strong working relationships with stakeholders across government and non-government and deliver clearly articulated outcomes. We provide a targeted, structured, culturally appropriate intervention that addresses the needs of participants and recognises that they are the key drivers of success in their lives.

Link Out

Link Out provides pre-release support to men exiting prisons in the Hume region and post-release support to men living in the Eastern metropolitan or Hume regions. It delivers planning and support, housing, material supports and assistance with family reunification and community connectedness. It is an individually tailored approach to services where a range of pre- and post-release options are provided for based on individual needs.

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